Lash Lift / Perm

During a lash lift, we curl and lift your own lashes from the root. Your lashes optically look longer. For every woman, this provides a natural, but impressive result that lasts for four to six weeks. For ladies with very straight eyelashes or short eyelashes, this is an amazing alternative.

Even if you have sensitive eyes, are allergic to cosmetics or lash extensions glue, a lash lift is a solution to all that. A lash lift is neither painful nor harmful to your own lashes. Even when you shower, swim, sweat, tear-up or sleep, a lash lift remains beautiful. You can absolutely combine this treatment with mascara or lash dye for an even more intense result.

Even a combination with lash extensions is possible. The difference between a lift and a perm is the end result. The Lift gives your lashes an L shape so that they focus all the way up and appear much longer. A Perm has a C shape which gives the lashes the same effect as a lash curler, this is much more feminine and is more noticeable with already long lashes. Do you have short eyelashes? Then we recommend a lift. Do you have medium length eyelashes? Then both techniques will suit you.